- Max e Giò -

Our life for shoes

- We are innovative by tradition -

Alternative Artisans.

Our workshop is the result of expert hands and open minds coming together, with a passion for excellence fueled day after day by our client’s ideas.

- As it once was

The handmade and tailor-made workmanship of Max and Giò gives the shoe exceptional longevity and comfort.

- And what is your idea?

Each shoe is the prized fruit of weeks of meticulous work, from design to construction.



Our world

Max&Giò’s boutique, nestled in the beating heart of Bologna, is the microcosm within which shoes with a classic flavour and contemporary flare come to life through the long and meticulous steps of made in Italy shoemaking art.

For us the craft of a shoemaker is much more than a sequence of techniques and procedures. It is an organic journey that originates in the vitality of mind and imagination and then

through the absolute precision and measured perfection of each gesture – translates into balance, the elegance and beauty of a confident step: pleasure for the wearer, delight for the beholder.